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Here’s my story of a complete body disturbance due to my habit of bleaching my hair. Let’s check out how I recovered from it after using Pelo Baum Hair Products.

I have been bleaching my hair and they have shown tremendous strength. It did not get damaged for quite a long time but like every living thing, they also had a threshold that I tested last year. I used to over process my hair a lot. My hair was initially brown, but I bleached again and again in order to turn them blonde as desired.

Bleaching my hair used to be a normal thing for me like people do shampoo and conditioner, I used to bleach my hair. Some time it exceeded to twice a week. Every time I bleached my hair, they turn out to be a nicer shade of blonde that I had never wore before. So I used to do it frequently. Last year, during December, when I was bleaching my hair, my hair color did not change. So I applied bleach of other brand and this time I left it for one more hour than usual. This was actually the point where my hair damage started.

I went to get my hair checked by a number of dermatologists but every one of them handed me over a long list of medicines and expensive hair creams. At first, I tried but then it was not making much difference to my hair. Moreover, my stomach started getting upset due to heavy doses of medicines which ended up in severe blisters inside my mouth. It was very painful. I was not able to eat properly for a whole month which led to severe migraine and a lot of other internal problems.

All this time, I did a research on what’s essential and what’s not. And then I came to know that there are many products in the market that are produced from organic ingredients like hyaluronic acid. It increases hair elasticity by moisturizes them deeply. And I found an effective product made from it; Pelo Baum Hair Care products. I bought products online from Meso Pro. This is a complete range of hair care products, so that your hair would grow getting what they truly deserve.

After three week of continuous use of this product, my hair growth stopped which I couldn’t believe because I tried so many other products but they did not work. However, my hair was still broken from edges. So I tried it for two week more, in that duration, my hair miraculously turned out to be very shiny and thick.

I don’t know what I would have done without Pelo Baum Hair Products.

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