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In real life, human beings are confronted with the worrisome contradiction between the rapid-developing technology and the vunerable natural environment. And in the virtual world, ARGO Online is making this increasingly sharp conflict rise into view. Are you a defender of high-tech or an adherent to the social and ecological harmony? Join in and take a firm stance on either side and strive for your faith!

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Integrated with the magnificent fantasy and steampunk elements, this spectacular MMORPG will bring you to a post-world-war realm in a state of devastation. Nevertheless, two opposing fractions appear on the horizon out of the ruins and are entrusted with the important missionto restore the vigor and civilization of the original land in different ways in the light of their distinct attitudes toward life. The steampunk fraction Noblian, which lays stress on the social progress with the help of advanced technologies, has set itself against the nature-inspired faction Floresslah, which advocates a peaceful and harmonious life in the symbiosis with nature. As a result, to some extent, this game turns out to be a constant struggle between the steampunk-style technocrats and nature-aimed idealists.

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Basically, in the ARGO Online world, both fractions will enable the players to have a relatively wide range of choices among eight different classes respectively. Consequently, you will be entitled plenty of room and options to create your favorable role with its unique characteristics that cater for your particular interest and preference. No matter which faction you belong to, an exclusive system with special cities, weapons, clothes, pets as well as mounts is all the time available, and the efficiency largely depends on your proficiency and subtle arrangement. By the way, make wise use of “Earthdium”, which is veiled in mystery, can immit bonus yet overwhelming strength to its users.

All in all, I believe the thrill and excitedness that a tangled warfare where hundreds of players fight with each other brings are without doubt an irresistible temptation for you. Just practice yourself with the making of real time strategy to display your skills and give your enemies critical strikes.


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